penance for truth

The ‘rightful’ thing to do
I m aware
of choices on spur,
for duress’ sake

A retreat from ‘truth’
to seek shelter under
The truth that I see

The understanding is fleeting
transient feelings pushing it to heights
so big that it challenges reality

I relent and flow onto
further with the truth of the moment

the ‘rightful’ far left behind
for the gust of the whim is strong
the truth of the moment
dwarfs the rule, the exception
the rightful, and its ties

the moment, the life
owned by now,

years of the past
surmised by a moment
into now
of a prick precipice

– penance to severance
pain a sign of decay, gives way to the new a fresh beginning. At times, though, the scars do not go away

listening to Nee Nenaindal while I write this. I do not understand the words but it sets a reflective mood.


2 thoughts on “penance for truth

  1. a mold, a choice, make or break,
    is it even a choice,
    for isn’t casted mold a bit too cold,
    in fact, can I even breathe,
    or that, blind faith defines it,

    you talk of severence, penance thereof,
    complain, searching, past’s absence,
    i’m with you, you with me,
    with confidence, a confluence, of conscience
    does that relieve your pain?

    • Thanks for writing the first ever comment on my blog! Its some kind of a joy when you try go obtuse and find someone who can make sense. Writing for no one and still making sense, gives the belief that I can express to others too in my voice.

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