One on one

one on one
A string of monologues, weaving a perception of the India in its power centres (Delhi, Mumbai) over the last decade. If one keeps up with the newspapers, the stories are all known. The voices are all too familiar of the usual folks on the news channel, the workplace, the road, around you. The stage light up in a flourish in the beginning with the act of the usual Indian babu, and the slain bodyguard, both performances promising an interesting run to the familiar stuff. But the tempo doesn’t continue through the end. The wit keeps you occupied but you leave the theatre with a feeling of a few laughs and the ‘same old cribbing’ done in the same old verbose way those chatterboxes near you or as the hyperbole news reporters on television do.

Have to mention the act of the street pole commenting on the vagaries of city life, created by the powers that be. Rajit Kapur’s unbearable flight food act was a tad over the top, funny nevertheless.

This not quite the ‘Love Letters’ from the same production house. I would love to have that one staged again.

– review for the play ‘One on One’
Play by Rage Productions (Mumbai).

Directed by: Akarsh Khurana, Kunaal Roy Kapoor, Nadir Khan, Rahul Da Cunha, and Rajit Kapur.
Playwright: Anuvab Pal, Ashok Mishra, Farhad Sorabjee, Oliver Beale, Purva Naresh & Rahul Da Cunha.

Cast: Akarsh Khurana / Amit Mistry / Anand Tiwari / Anu Menon / Imran Adil / Neil Bhoopalam / Preetika Chawla / Rajit Kapur.
staged Dec 18, 2010 at Ravindra Bharthi, Hyderabad.

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