Full Circle


Footsteps in the sand
of memories made
along the tide
gone awash with surfs white
all that I made long gone
the sea throws back at me
a shell of a being that remains

Detest the feign
of promises never kept
Pray give me eyes
to fetch beauty in that

The soul of the made
is not its keep
The elixir slipped by
in making and letting go
The end, with nothing anew


The Doer’s Dilemma

Seeker’s well of longing
Luster’s rush of wanting

keepers apathy of having
the verve pulled down low

wishes are light, frivolous
how to ground they not bow

higher wither they wander
where to winds blow

going the way but one can
bring to form as you owe

crash in wonder
from stars to tracks many toed

Trailing off to serendipity

A usual summer day’s sandstorm had past by, leaving the plants in my tiny garden as if descending into their grave. Washing down the plants. Being hardly attentive to Tanya. She was going on about her job at the school and how everything would ave been different if she had decided to work at the local newspaper instead. Life was like dust and heat piled on everyday with a yearning of rain, trying to remember what it was really like to have the aliveness in her bones. The split life like many others of the repressed yearner and the mechanized worker.
The self on its own spur slips along the same way, ever deeper. An interruption, a wave of inspiration from without the bubbled self stimulates and brings the slipping self back from the precipice.Back from the edge into the mundane. From the gorge onto the cliff…

is a snapshot . a momentary capture of a few wavelengths, many missed in between. the prism of emotion/feeling accentuates some and the others are lost forever. When I look back I just have a constructed truth, but its not the whole truth. A speck called me in this infinite expanse, capable of assimilating no more than a whit, only that I dream the whole of the grandness could live in the whit.

If i get the core of the light I see a path/a hole into the real truth, a la Alice in wonderland, been through, I get to know myself, myself without the worldly noise.