Love at Work

Busy as I ploughed on for the day..
It was like the beginning
of life in the life of me
I saw her go past me
slender and graceful
she pranced along
to her daily keep
farther down the hill

Leaving me dizzy
the whiff of her sweetness
I waited by the window to
see her face again
wont she ever keep her time
teasing me with moments
slipping by more than the last

Until the day she smiled at me
drawn to the lovelorn in me
She would arrive formerly
glance at me with a luscious smile
but hurried past away
for the dread of duty
but she’d come again
only twenty two of
a thousand moments

A rendezvous brief as a moment
of melting into one
and she goes again
I hold on strong
for before long
she’d come to me again
only to be gone
to make the world go round

…does the minute hand love the hour hand as much as her duty?


Together forever

Gerber Daisies

I love you, you said
and took off with yourself and idea of me
The blissful flight onto the moon
and beyond into the stars

While I waited patiently
you landed back onto terra firma
We cooked a lovely meal together
At the table you look me in the eye
and say ‘you aren’t the same anymore’

I found home

wispy thoughts blowing
along the winds
turbulent and whimsical
way away far far from home

sleeping flurry
dread in the deep woods
no road to return
scurry stall scurry stall

dreary and dark
a writhing pall
fluttering flap to hold
on to joy

of forever came the moment
found me heaven home
lasted a moment lives for life
the time frequency resonance entwined

For Sunday Scribblings prompt, ‘Moment’

the dewdrop’s story

a sky of rue
bows under pining pall
wither the hue
reminiscing the play over blue

drained of day
of the morose gale
settles the verdure way
the dainty dew

appears orb another
succor in tow
a million sentinels hither
rests the dainty dew

covered down
lying low, anticipating
holding the dream
of a life in bask

come another day anew
the warm sun glisten bestowed
beaming but veiled asudden
ebbs covering dew